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Bold lines and textures, intense dynamics. Anosediving raven in gray-and-black colouring broken with subdued powder pink. Two fairy-tale winged horse,symmetrically embracing the thighs. wildness | energy | freedom | wild nature | motion
rebelskin artysta yadou podpis


Nat. Esthete and hedonist. She looks all around the world with attention, draws energy from the universe and from nature. She loves being in nature (above all and with her whole being!) and great, open spaces. She does mountain running to see more and go further. Freelancer and free spirit. In everyday life she works with people as a personal trainer, group activities instructor, dietician and… food photographer. She handles the ‘social media’ for Rebel Skin, sometimes switching to the other side of the lens and posing for pics 😉
rebelskin o nas
Piotrek Rebel and hired gun. Constantly searching for adventures and experiences, with an above-average tolerance for risk. He loves coffee in the morning, the purring of his cat, new challenges and growth – the kind that defines, enriches and carries important meaning. He practises boxing and climbing, choosing beautiful, exposed rock faces. Esthete… Professionally – a programmer (frontend & backend) coding in the quiet of his home with a tomcat on his lap. He created the Rebel Skin shop and runs it on an ongoing basis, solving seemingly unsolvable problems.


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Rebel Skin sports leggings with designs from Polish artists

You love fitness? You work out at the gym? You’re a powerlifter? A crossfitter? You’re fascinated with street workout? Looking for interesting running leggings? Or maybe just searching for trip, colourful leggins? Different from all the rest. Unique. Bold. Regardless if you do crossfit or callisthenics regularly, lift weights as a hobby or exercise to lose weight and improve your mood and (as a by-product) body shape, lose extra weight – we guarantee that you’ve come to the right place!
On the rebelskin.pl website you will find top quality sportswear (leggings, tanks, tops, hoodies) made with utmost care from modern, breathable functional fabrics. Each our product is thoroughly thought out and designed entirely by us – to meet your expectations, both regarding the functionality and comfort & design and product esthetics, in 100%.
REBEL SKIN is the first brand on the market that blends sports and art in an unprecedented way. Our leggings and other products have been designed by Polish artists – tattoo artists, illustrators and muralists. It’s not another brand of ordinary, boring leggins with a print-on design. Each Rebel Skin model is unique and one-off, signed by the artist who designed the pattern. We are sure that REBEL SKIN leggings and tees will be the most beautiful sports clothes in your wardrobe. Rozwiń szczegóły
The sportswear that you will find in the rebelskin.pl shop is a product of the highest class. What distinguishes us are carefully refined details, well though-out cut and fabrics of the best quality. If you value comfort and uniqueness, alternative solutions and avant-garde at the same time,
If you’re looking for a gift idea, you will find the perfect gift in our shop.

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