7 snack ideas for the mountains

7 snack ideas for the mountains - or what to eat on the trail 

7 snack ideas for the mountains. Ah, how often you ask yourself - what do I eat, on these long-distance trails of mine (!). How much do you need to eat to make up for an energy loss of 3k kcal per day (plus base calories, so total... about 5k kcal!). Well. This is a topic for a person text (if you want, I will write) and today - not about that. Today about what to pack for a 'normal' day in the mountains, in order to be healthy (or relatively healthy) and ... efficient - which always in the mountains matters most to me 🙂 . 

Hydration - first and foremost!

First of all, My Dear Ones - before we get to food - I must mention water. Yes, it is the hydration of the body that is key here, and while, not taking food with you - in the worst case you will make yourself simply hungry and maybe - a little less efficient, any dehydration, even at the level of a few %, can result in a significant impact on our strength, fitness and endurance. Some studies show that dehydration at the level of 2% of body weight, is as much as a 10-20% decrease in aerobic capacity. Add to this the temperature factor (trekking in summer, more than once approaches in full sun) and you already understand the seriousness of the problem. 

Also - water - first and foremost. I highly recommend to arrange access to water during the approaches, so that you drink often and in small sips - here with the help of a water reservoir (or camel bag) or soft bottles for running so-called softflask. Sweating washes out a lot of micronutrients from the body, so isotonic drinks, supplementing these losses - are also a good idea. Test, and check yourself / yourself - what you feel best after. 

If we have the topic of liquids covered, it's time for food. Here are my, subjective(!) and proven ideas for snacks in the mountains. Most of them, meet the basic criteria that are important to me, especially when I pack light, and into a small backpack or running vest 

  • High energy density - that is, the lowest possible weight and volume of the product, with the highest possible calorie content. 
  • (relative) resistance to high temperatures
  • Well, and it has to serve me. Not to muddy up, not to cause problems with the digestive system, to give me energy. I also like - simply - to like what I eat, also in the mountains 🙂 

Ready? It's off to shore: 

7 snack ideas for the mountains:

1. kabanos / dried meat

My go-to top, small packet, lots of calories. Beautifully supplement protein and fat needs, of course, an option for carnivores. Sometimes I feel better after them than after carbohydrate snacks after which I sometimes have a glycemic slide - but this is an individual issue. 

They are packed in such a way that nothing will happen to them, even in high temperatures without a refrigerator. 

2. natural energy bars

That is, a conglomeration of nuts and dried fruits, without additional refined sugar. This is probably the fastest and really effective way to recharge your energy reserves. You put it in your pocket and always have it on hand. Taste different options and choose something you feel good after (because the range of stores is really wide!). As in the earlier point - they won't melt, they won't spoil, in winter - you won't break your teeth over them (which you can do by eating, for example, chocolate in minus temperatures...). 

3. 'Power balls'

In this group I include all sorts of options for self-made, high-carbohydrate snacks (an option if you have the time to make / mull it over for yourself 😉 ) A classic for me, I make from this recipe (simple and tasty, you simply throw all the ingredients in the blender) 

A cool option is also the jaggery balls.

4. bananas (or other fruit)

A sewing source of energy, rich in potassium. Quickly absorbed, especially if you have ripe bananas. Lightly digestible. 

5. nuts & nut mixes and nuts and nuts

Similar to dried meat - high caloric density. They take up little space and will really provide you with a lot of energy. Buy a ready mix of nuts & nuts (here again, the addition of dried fruit is a hefty amount of simple sugars if you're hoping for a quick energy boost) or buy your favorites, create your own mix in proportions that suit you, and pour them into zipper pouches. I recommend this method, that way you have lo you like and only that (e.g. cashews, dried cherries and almonds) 

6. classic sandwiches

Yes, against all odds, it's a pretty cool option, especially since the sandwich doesn't have to (and shouldn't! look like a cologne crushed roll with margarine and a slice of ham... ;-)) 

Choose rye sourdough bread, don't regret the butter and toppings. My favorites are baked pate and cucumber or camembert. Pack veggies separately if you want something fresh/crunchy for your sandwiches.

7. Snickers or other - favorite (classic and not necessarily healthy candy bar)

Well, let's make an agreement! - When if not in the mountains! During high levels of physical activity, you are guaranteed that the subject will be absorbed and fully feed the intensively working muscles before insulin starts packing glucose into the fat cells. 

Remember, everything is OK, consumed in reasonable quantities and ... circumstances. 

It's like... packed 🙂 ... 

leggings for the mountains


psst... don't forget to bring your favorite leggings to the mountains (they are absolutely the most comfortable pants to wear in the mountains!).

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