My dear Friends! I’ve been intending to write this post for quite a while, but your constant questions if:

• a given model will be available in a high waist version? 

• the shorts from MRÓ will also have a long version?  

• a given PREMIUM model will also be available with a classic waist?

• the 3/4 leggins from yadou, will also be available long with the same design…?

… and many other questions of this sort have motivated me to finally do it … Here it is.

Girls! Our products are not store-bought prints, copy and paste, where it doesn’t matter if I put them on shorts or long leggings and it’s going to be fine… 

(I apologise to people to whom what I’m saying is obvious and seems like a waste of time… Forgive me, but it seems that apparently it isn’t obvious to everybody…) 

EACH our project is INDIVIDUALLY and (!) ANATOMICALLY designed by a tattoo artist. What is more, it is designed with a SPECIFIC CUT in mind (long classic leggins – whole legs and buttocks to fill; long PREMIUM leggings – a smaller design surface, just the legs, because the bum is black, reinforced, right? Shorts – design for the buttocks only, yes? 3/4 leggins – likewise.

So, my dear Friends, how do you mean to make long leggings out of shorts, where the artist – our dear MRÓ  in this case – designs a motif for the arse?;p Specifically for shorts? You get it now? How can they be made long? 

It’s like you had a tattoo on your left buttock, but wanted to have it on your whole legs… 😉

(I hope the analogy is graphic enough…) 

So, the cut of our product is strictly integrated with the design. Everything is where it’s supposed to be. AND IT CANNOT BE ANYWHERE ELSE. Nothing is left to chance in these design

Believe me, the artists arrange the drawings anatomically, underlining what they want to underline, placing the various elements PRECISELY WHERE THEY NEED TO BE. Like in a painting. Or a big, really big tattoo.

Have a closer look.

And precisely because of that, our models fit so beautifully.

They are e x q u i s i t e .

Amen, Friends. No more questions.


As an example, I’m posting a picture of a draft from MRÓ, where you can observe the creative process.

What goes on the knee, what goes on the buttock, and so on. We can’t make a PREMIUM model out of this, because we will lose one third of the design, right? Here, the buttock is an integral part of the whole.


The ONLY case where we can make a change is converting a PREMIUM LOW (there’s only one such model: Kot P2) into a PREMIUM with a high waist. Theoretically, we could make each PREMIUM into a PREMIUM LOW version.

Because this doesn’t interfere with the integrity of the artist’s work.

You get it now…?

Ściskam Was mocno i nie gniewajcie się za te dosadne wypociny.

Hugs and kisses, Girls. Don’t be angry with me for this blunt rant. I think this post is necessary because maybe WE are not communicating this to YOU clearly enough. We’re not communicating this artistic side of our company STRONGLY enough. And it’s absolutely crucial!

Have a beautiful Saturday!


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