Jo Lama

Hi, my name is Asia, everyone calls me Djo. I graduated from art school and got the title of fine artist, jeweler. I have been tattooing since I was 17 years old. I run a tattoo studio in Wroclaw Nasza Tattoo Shop and I have traveled all over the world with my work. For some time I have been creating a new project in Karkonosze. I am creating a small tattoo studio there in the middle of the wilderness, which by design is to be associated with rural relaxation and rest and a healthy lifestyle (organic food and personal development). 

  • Unzipped hooded sweatshirt beige
  • Women's high-waisted Dancink Needles p9 cyclists
  • set leggings and longsleeve dzo lama p2 - cats
  • longsleeve rebel skin dzo lama p2
  • olive hoodie rebel skin dancink dzo lama PI
  • colorful high-waisted leggings dzo lama p1 - wies