If you’re wondering if leggings are for you, the answer is most likely YES! The question remains as to how to choose the right ones to look good and feel great in them at the same time.

The crucial thing when choosing leggins is selecting the right size.. C a u t i o n ! The worst thing you can do is to buy leggings that are too small! Choosing XS size when you wear S/M really won’t make your figure look slimmer – quite to the contrary! The leggins will be very tight, which also means that they’ll be very strongly (!) stretched. And even though the fabric is elastic, stretching it to the maximum will always (!) cause the so-called streak (the structure of the fabric) to show. What is more, the pattern (design) can be deformed, and the leggings become transparent while doing deep bends and sits. It will also weaken the seams to some degree, which can shorten their lifetime…

Choose leggins in your size!  If you’re wondering whether to choose one size or another (for example you’re between size M and L), we recommend taking the bigger one!

Our range size is from XS to L.

The XS is really tiny, for very short and petite girls (roughly: weight ca. 50 kg, height 150 – 160 cm)

We recommend the S size to girls with a height of 160 – 170 cm and weight of ca. 50 – 60 kg. The M size: height 160 – 175 cm, weight ca. 55 – 70 kg (if you’re tall and slim, we also recommend the M size!).  

Choose size L if you weigh around 70 – 80 kg.

It is obvious that each of us has a different muscle structure and the same weight may manifest in a completely different figure… The given values are only (!) tentative; they serve to help you estimate your size. If still in doubt, write to us! The thing that may also be helpful in selecting the size is to measure your circumferences (hips and waist) and the information whether you do strength training (which usually means more developed thighs and buttocks).

Our PREMIUM model has been designed to stress the buttocks beautifully and support the belly (high waist) at the same time.

If you feel more comfortable in leggings with a high waist, you don’t like hipsters (:D) or for some reason or other you prefer to cover your belly – choose one of the PREMIUM models!

The PREMIUM model is also great for cooler weather – the high belt protects the kidneys and keeps warm the area of the pelvis

We also recommend that you choose PREMIUM if it’s an absolute priority to you for leggings to be opaque – here the fabric on the buttocks is bilaterally black, which eliminates showing through in 100%.

The CLASSIC model features our most mind-blowing designs! This cut makes it possible for the artist to work on the whole leg and bum ‘surface,’ giving them the the most room to manoeuvre. These models usually feature interesting graphical elements underlining the female anatomy. Have a look at the buttock design in MRÓ P1, Yadou P4, Bujak P1, MRÓ P3, and Biela P1 models.

Choose the CLASSIC model if you like to wear hipsters, you’re not bother by lower waist or… you’re enchanted by one of their designs 🙂 Don’t worry that the leggins will slide down our fit your bottom less perfectly! At the back the waist is higher, and our own, asymmetrical cut ensures that the leggings stay right where they should be!

Szukasz krótszego modelu na lato?

Looking for a shorter model for the summer? Choose Yadou P4 ¾ or our MRÓ P2 leggins shorts! Both are perfect for the summer, for bicycling, running, kayaking; and the shorts even make for a replacement of a classic swimsuit (tested multiple times!)…

The shorts are also great for pole dance and aerial. You put them on in the summer – and you don’t want to take them off anymore…!

There’s still one thing. You put on your favourite colourful, patterned top and… the leggings with the design don’t match your outfit?…

At the same time, you love our premium cut and don’t feel as good in any other leggins? Choose one of our plain models; PREMIUM CLASSIC BLACK and PREMIUM MELANGE are always a perfect match – both as a sports outfit and in everyday, casual ones.

Put them together with an oversize sweater and boots; with our Rebel Skin hoodie; with a classic white tee; with a tunic or men’s shirt… Your imagination is the limit!

So… What’s your choice?


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