Hi, it's us - the creators of 'Rebel Skin'.

We are proud to put into your hands the result of our work.

Let our clothes wear great and every day remind you of your inner rebel. About the strength that makes you move forward, fight for your own, cross more boundaries.

At the core of the idea is the need to do something in and of itself. To create something special, unique. To go d a l e. We are athletes ourselves - and we create for athletes. Our leggings are p r o c e s. For almost a year of time we tested materials for density, elasticity and thickness - so that in every respect we reached the optimum. We tested cuts, the good ones and the better ones, so that in the end we created the perfect model. It is good. What's next? There's a thought, there's a concept! Let's combine functionality with aesthetics! Let's make our leggings a 'piece of art'. Let's bring real art into gyms and fitness halls. Everything starts to come together, makes sense and takes its final shape.

They design a r t i s t s for us. Everyone has something to say, to show. Tattoo artists, muralists, illustrators. Bizarre, sometimes psychedelic graphics, unconventional aesthetics, lots of asymmetry. We say, "do something you've always wanted to get a tattoo!"; we say, "don't limit yourself with anything!". We don't interfere. I n s p i r u m e s. We sew all our products in Poland from Polish materials in cooperation with ID Group, a company from Lodz.


... top quality sportswear.

Remember that each of our products is thoroughly thought out and designed by us from the ground up, so that it meets your expectations one hundred percent, both in terms of functionality and comfort of the outfit, as well as design and aesthetics of workmanship. All this makes REBEL SKIN leggings, ideal for fitness, gym, yoga, running and even everyday casual styling.

Our leggings are made with the utmost care from modern, breathable and perfectly tailored functional fabrics, which effectively and quickly wick away moisture from the body. They are very durable, at the same time soft and pleasant to the touch; perfectly fitted to the figure. You don't feel them on you, because they lie like your second skin. (Check the opinion of hundreds of satisfied customers!)

When looking for the perfect fabric, we also paid attention to its appropriate density. Such that the leggings were opaque, and at the same time did not give the effect of a thick 'armor'. The right composition (77% elastane & 23% polyester) and grammage, made it possible to achieve the optimal effect.

We also take care of the great quality of the inks we use to make our graphics. See how super intense and durable the colors are? That's what they do!

The seams in REBEL SKIN leggings, are strong, flat and elastic, so they do not irritate the skin and do not restrict movement. The innovative design of the waistband makes the leggings lie perfectly and do not slip off, even during your toughest workouts.

And finally, perhaps most importantly. Super refined cut. The asymmetrical state of the classic model; high and heavily built-up at the back; and the classic hip cut at the front; make the leggings sit perfectly on the bottom, do not slide down or off. Don't be afraid of classics! They are super comfortable and functional. And if you prefer high waisted.... reach for our high-waisted leggings (PREMIUM).


The finest version of Rebel Skin leggings ever! Designed by us, specifically to beautifully accentuate a woman's figure (we emphasize the bottom!) and provide the perfect comfort for training.

  • proprietary typeface, the result of long testing and many (really many!) prototypes
  • a wide waistband that allows you to wear the leggings the way you like best - with a high waist, or, after turning up the waistband, as a hipster
  • on the buttocks double-sided black, dense material - DOES NOT TRANSFORM!
  • comfortable flat seams
  • special crease on the seam between the buttocks - beautifully emphasizes the curves.

It all starts in your head. Allow yourself to be extravagant.