About us

Nat. Aesthete and hedonist. She looks around the world with attentiveness, absorbing energy from the cosmos and from nature. She loves being in nature (above all and all!) and open, large spaces. He runs in the mountains to see more, to go further. Freelancer and free spirit. He works with people on a daily basis, as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, nutritionist and ... culinary photographer. Wraps up 'social media' for Rebel Skin, sometimes on the other side of the lens - he will get acquainted for a photo 😉.

Rebel and freelance writer. A relentless adventurer and experience seeker, with an above-average tolerance for risk. Loves coffee in the morning, the purr of his cat, new challenges and growth - which defines, enriches and carries significant meaning. Trains in boxing and climbing - chooses beautiful, exposed walls. Aesthete... Professionally - programmer (frontend & backend), knits at home with his cat on his lap. Created and on an ongoing basis embraces the Rebel Skina store, solves seemingly unsolvable problems.