insulated leggings

Insulated leggings - for whom is this option?

Insulated leggings. Although many people associate leggings with going out for a bike ride on a summer day or training at the gym, increasingly manufacturers of this type of clothing are arguing that leggings are an excellent option for even a significant drop in outdoor temperatures and annoying wind. Who will be happy with insulated leggings and what to look for when choosing this type of clothing?

Look stunning even in a winter outfit!

How many times have you dreamed that winter would finally be over, and you would finally be able to return to your favorite feminine creations, instead of hiding under successive layers of thick and in-your-face fabrics covering your body? If you want to emphasize the assets of your figure regardless of the season and unfavorable weather conditions, insulated leggings are the solution for you! 

You can wear insulated leggings throughout the "colder" season without worrying about getting cold in them. Let's agree, in Polish conditions we are unlikely to be threatened by Arctic frosts (in such circumstances, of course, it is difficult to do without specialized thermal clothing). In the conditions of a Polish winter, insulated leggings of the Polish brand Rebel Skin will calmly suffice. They are made of thick, non-transparent material, which provides thermal comfort, and at the same time means that you don't have to worry about whether underwear will show through from under your clothes. Treat the insulated leggings like pants and pair them with your favorite blouses, shirts and sweaters - both oversize and fitted!

Insulated leggings from Rebel Skin are, first of all, quite popular high-waisted leggings. It's worth knowing that a high top keeps you warm better than a lowered one (surely you've felt this on your own skin many times, dressed in hip pants on a cold day...), and it also models your figure fantastically. Wearing such leggings, you can feel attractive and sexy even on the coldest days!

In spite of the gray aura

OK, maybe you don't care at all about being "sexy" when you just want to go for a walk in the woods, pop out to go shopping or walk the dog. However, if what particularly depresses you in autumn (apart from the weather outside the window, of course) is the ubiquitous grayness and the gray, uniform outfits blending with the surroundings, improve your mood with Rebel Skin's insulated leggings! The models you will find in the offer of this company are characterized by unconventional, highly artistic designs created by Polish artists and tattooists. Among the unusual graphic designs transferred to textiles you will find stunning landscapes, floral and animal prints, all refined to the smallest detail. Find out that already such a trifle as a colorful, cheerful outfit can effectively improve the mood of you and passers-by on an overcast, windy day.

For the love of mountain hiking

In winter, when the holiday season begins in Polish schools, many people choose to relax in the mountains, including on the ski slopes. Although leggings alone, of course, are no substitute for a professional ski outfit, they are also perfect for off-piste. Leggings for the mountains are an excellent alternative to pants or - when the temperature is firmly below zero - they can serve as thermal underwear, over which you can wear ski pants, sweatpants or ordinary jeans.

Good quality leggings, made of the highest quality materials, perfectly protect against heat loss in harsh mountain conditions. At the same time, which is extremely important for fans of active leisure, they do not restrict movement. Thanks to this, they behave like a second skin, allowing multi-mile hikes or exhausting climbs, even when temperatures drop significantly.

...And Sports

If you live an active life and can't imagine a day without a bike ride, a jog or even a longer walk, you don't have to go to the mountains to need a warm and comfortable outfit! The best insulated leggings, with a high waist, will allow you to be completely free for your daily physical activity even in February, March or November. Insulated leggings are also an excellent choice for the outdoor gym - whether you use the rowing machine, the jogger, the orbitrek or the bench press machines, you won't be as comfortable in any pants (or even sweatpants) as in leggings. Good quality insulated leggings (such as the Polish brand Rebel Skin) are carefully sewn from high quality materials. Thanks to this, you don't have to worry that during intensive exercise the leggings will rip, tear or otherwise damage.

Comfortable outfit for work

Warmed leggings will also work well as an outfit for work. Of course, in places such as corporations, offices or banks, the dress code in force makes it impossible to choose this type of closet. However, wherever you can afford a less formal outfit - in manual labor, service or creative professions leggings will be a good and practical choice. Insulated models of leggings will work especially well in those workplaces where temperatures are low, taking care not only of your comfort, but also of your thermal comfort.

An option for the frigid

Who said that insulated leggings can only be worn outdoors? This type of clothing is also a great option for people who are often cold, even indoors. Properly sized leggings are the most comfortable outfit you can imagine. In them you can both stretch out on the couch and give yourself over to household chores. Remember that the so-called "after-home clothes" do not have to be heavily faded and remember your last several years of life! In leggings of good quality, sewn from a nice material, you will feel comfortable and will finally be warm (even without a blanket!). 

What to pay attention to when buying insulated leggings?

When buying insulated leggings, it is important to realize that slightly different materials were used to sew them than in the case of "regular" leggings. While we associate classic leggings with clothing that is very flexible and stretchy, in the case of clothing Rebel Skin insulated leggings are sewn from materials that are much less stretchy. This means that leggings in the size you usually reach for when assembling your closet may simply turn out to be too small for you. To avoid a size mishap, choose insulated leggings a size larger than the size of clothes you wear.

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