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Sweatshirt Olive Jello Lama Project I - Autumn Meadows

Rebel Skin sweatshirt, this time in the most beautiful olive color!
Loose fit, long sleeves, and a spacious "monk" hood. The autumn design from Djo Lama completes the look with shades of green and red. C u d o !

Moths, herbs and weeds. A ripe meadow, from the late turn of summer...
Wildness, softness and praise of simplicity.

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Here it is. Perfect. Your most beautiful sweatshirt!
It is warm and soft. It sits beautifully on your body and wraps around you. It will be your favorite, from the first time you put it on.

Once again, we cared about the art to accompany you on a daily basis.
The design and theme of the sweatshirt is matched to the color, and the color to the design. Everything is in its place. Everything is well thought out.

Each of our projects is an integral whole, caught up to the smallest detail.

  • Large, deep, beautifully framing face "monk" hood with artist's design
  • Deepened, feminine neck line (exposes the collarbones and neckline)
  • Soft, structured knit fabric (90% cotton; 10% PES)
  • 340 g weight; warm and 'meaty'
  • Designed and manufactured in Poland 
  • Convenient kangaroo-type pocket finished with inserts that are a continuation of the design on the hood (in addition to aesthetic value, they protect against pocket mossing)
  • The print knit fabric (on the inside of the hood) is velvety and pleasant to the touch (not slippery!).
  • Thoughtful sleeve finish (long sleeve with combat sports-inspired finish on the palms, so it does not restrict movement, is comfortable for long wear, and the sleeve does not pull up).
  • Possibility to fasten the hood under the neck in colder weather.


main material, dyed: Printed material (inside of hood with design):
90% cotton 10% polyester 95% polyester 5% elastane

Rebel Skin You have it! Piece of Art

Put the Rebel's Skin on.

Size chart

NOTE: The sweatshirt has a loose oversize cut. S p e c i a l we have marked the sizing as: I, II and III , so that you do not suggest the standard XS, S, M and L divisions.


In the picture I wear Size II. I'm 166 cm tall and about 60 kg in weight but (!) I like to have a 'bigger' and looser sweatshirt, and although I choose leggings in size S, sweatshirts are usually M.

At the same time, Size II is ideal for taller girls (about 170 - 172 cm, 70 - 75 kg), has adequately long sleeves and fits nicely on the body.


Choose Size II if you, like me, like oversizes to wrap up in, are tall (over 170 cm), or wear a standard M or L.

Choose Size I if you prefer a more fitted sweatshirt, or are petite and short (XS and S)

Choose Size III if you are tall and like really big sweatshirts, or care about the sweatshirt being long. Our III can be worn by a tall S, as well as a standard M and L.

We also advise choosing Size III for taller girls with sizable breasts.



We make every effort to ensure that your Rebel Skins reach you as soon as possible. If you place an order before 11:00 AM - the package will be shipped the same day. Orders after 12:00 noon are shipped for the next business day (Parcel Post ships every day).

Artist about the project:

"Insect motif surrounded by Polish herbs and weeds for lovers of walking "shage" in wild meadows. Especially in autumn where you can smell leaves and mushrooms in the air."

  1. Aneta

    Stylish sweatshirt cool cut

  2. Sophie

    Photos nice, artistic, but do not clearly show the product. Top covered with hands, it seems,. that the hood, which should be a covering is b. wide and is only a decoration. Warm sweatshirt should warm and deep open neckline without fastening - it cools down. In my opinion, the sweatshirt does not fulfill its role, which is a pity, because it is b. pretty

  3. iwona.greenland@wp.pl

    Sweatshirt is cute, cute and soft, it's making a big splash among friends.

  4. Monika Kowalska

    My favorite colors! And a wrap-around, large hood with a face-lift in print and an interesting solution with a hook to reduce the neckline. Very cool, pleasant material texture and something that for me is an added value - a thumb hole. A very successful purchase.

  5. Michalina

    Beautiful color, pleasant, soft and enveloping. Beautiful looking and very warm and comfortable.

  6. aniaw

    Beautiful sweatshirt. Fleshy material, sewn with attention to detail. Very nice color, fits perfectly into autumn styling. Comfortable, gives freedom of movement, but nothing hangs and does not interfere. I took size I at 165cm (usually in stores I wear S). Highly recommended!

  7. aacorphants

    Probably the best of the sweatshirts I own. The color is beautiful, the pattern matches many accessories. Workmanship quality as always exemplary. I recommend !

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Sweatshirt Olive Jello Lama Project I - Autumn Meadows

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