Leggings ¾ navy blue - Switezian (by Ola Dobra)

Oceanic depths and ripples....

3/4 leggings in shades of navy blue, turquoise and gold.
Motifs of sea creatures, water and sketchy ginkgo leaves


balance / harmony / ripple / flow / depth / ocean floor

Leggings designed by Ola Dobra as a set with BRA Dobra P1.

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The classic Rebel Skin cut, in a summer-shortened form.
Our perfect asymmetrical fit (lower in the front, much more built-up in the back),
comfortable waistband and a length just below the knee, make the leggings perfect for both warmer weather workouts and nature activities.
Wear them for SUP, kayaking, running, mountain hiking.
Wear them the way you like!

  • in the front - lowered top (hips)
  • back - higher, built-up

Rebel Skin sports leggings are a unique product.
Each of our models is a unique thing, refined in every detail, signed with the autograph of the co-creator. Artistic concept & perfect practical execution.



  • 77% polyester
  • 23% elastane

They are like your second skin.

Put the Rebel's Skin on.

Size chart

For more on proper sizing, see here


We make every effort to ensure that your Rebel Skins reach you as soon as possible. If you place an order before 11:00 AM - the package will be shipped the same day. Orders after 12:00 noon are shipped for the next business day (Parcel Post ships every day).

Artist about the project:

"A project of this type was a completely new experience for me, and therefore a great challenge.
Thinking about the summer collection, a vision of my beloved vacation at the lake immediately popped into my head. My imagination rushed further and I decided to transfer an unreal underwater world, full of colorful creatures and magic, starring a swishy girl, onto the leggings.
I must admit that creating this world gave me great pleasure."

  1. Anna

    Bardzo fajne leginsy. Dobrze się układają i przylegają do ciała. Gdybym upolowała top do kompletu byłabym w 7 niebie 😀

  2. Nika

    Legginsy są piękne. Idealnie skrojone – nie zsuwają się i nie rolują. Świetnie pasują do letnich stylizacji.

  3. Małgorzata Chruszcz-Homziuk

    Świetny produkt, jakość materiału bez zarzutu.

  4. Anna Kluszczynska

    Moje pierwsze, ale napewno nie ostatnie. Piekny wzor i super jakosc.

  5. Margaret

    Moje ulubione. Oryginalne, wyjątkowe, mega wygodne, na treningi i na codzień

  6. Jenny

    super legginsy, polecam

  7. makamila

    bardzo się cieszę, że zdecydowałam się na zakup tych leginsów. Energetyczne kolory i odjazdowy wzór. Zdecydowanie rzucają się w oczy i podkreślają opaleniznę. Bardzo wygodne – jak wszystkie rebelki 🙂

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Leggings ¾ navy blue - Switezian (by Ola Dobra)

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