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Pink leggings - Dystopia Babe! (by Kubarska)

Don't let the pink background fool you 😉 !

This project is a really strong message, socially and culturally engaged. Here NOTHING is found by chance, and the multitude of details, forms and messages encourage analysis and reflection....
This is a project so firmly rooted in our reality, the one in the here and now, the current one, that looking at these leggings / this work, in a few years - you will think to yourself ... 'yes ... it was 2o21' ....

rebellion | rebellion | freedom | cyber psychedelia | loneliness on the net | dystopia

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Sports leggings made of breathable functional knit fabric.
Perfectly fitted to the figure, non-transparent.
Reinforced, flat seams, ensure long-lasting use and maximum comfort during workouts.
These are the perfect leggings for fitness and the gym! Wide elastic waistband, perfectly holds the leggings where they should be.

Refined asymmetrical design:

  • in the front - lowered top (hips)
  • back - higher, built-up

Rebel Skin sports leggings are a unique product.
Each of our models is a unique thing, refined in every detail, signed with the autograph of the co-creator. Artistic concept & perfect practical execution.



  • 77% polyester
  • 23% elastane

They are like your second skin.

Put the Rebel's Skin on.

Size chart

For more on proper sizing, see here


We make every effort to ensure that your Rebel Skins reach you as soon as possible. If you place an order before 11:00 AM - the package will be shipped the same day. Orders after 12:00 noon are shipped for the next business day (Parcel Post ships every day).

Iwona Kubarska for Rebel Skin
Iwona Kubarska for Rebel Skinpink low-rise rebelskin leggingsIwona Kubarska for Rebel Skinpink low-rise rebelskin leggingspink low-rise rebelskin leggings
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Artist about the project:

"It started with Nekomata, a Japanese demon who reanimates the dead and wields them, and this combined with cyberpsychedelia gave the image of a modern dystopia.

This project illustrates our injection into an unreal world, where the greatest measure is popularity, even the most temporary.... For the feeling of a little virtual love, we lose our ideals. We sink into increasing loneliness, even though avatars say they love us. Until. Until the first mistake,until the first stumble. The algorithms and systems we've been forced into are comfortable, but they take away what we fight so hard for - freedom. The figure of Marcus Aurelius, is to remind us that all is not yet lost, that the final judgments have not been made, and that the intellect still has a chance to defend itself .

I would like this work to be discussed and resonate with sensitive strings."

  1. Malgorzata Bartnicka

    Beautiful leggings, beautiful print and great material ( high quality).
    Very comfortable 🙂 I recommend highly, this is my fourth pair from Rebel Skin, I love them all .

  2. Malgorzata Bartnicka

    Beautiful leggings, beautiful print and great material ( high quality).
    Very comfortable 🙂

  3. mbugajska

    Leggings extra class - comfortable, in the mountains for tennis or fitness. Live color mega - recommend:):):):)

  4. Margaret

    Leggings tested at the gym, mega comfortable, do not fall off the butt when doing deep squats , do not wrinkle and do not curl, the waist elastic super wide does not roll or cut into the body. Fantastic colors and design that attracts the eyes of other fellow exercisers. Leggings look great. Worth recommending...and buying another pair!

  5. Margaret

    Great design. Very comfortable. I recommend.

  6. Malwina

    Someone once told me that leggings from rebelskin are, like a second skin. And it's true! This is my fourth pair and I already know it won't be the last 😊 I also love them for the patterns, they are unique.

  7. Aleksandra Bernacka

    I do not like leggings but....... 🙂 next to this pattern could not be passed by indifferently so I decided to buy them. After receiving them from the package, I took them immediately to the first fire, which is a workout at the gym and for this legs. Lots of squats, leg weights, leg presses, leg presses, etc. First impressions : leggings very comfortable, do not roll, legs do not twist, everything remains in place 🙂 to this pattern unique,colorful-comic and making a big impression on fellow exercisers 🙂
    In conclusion : if I'm going to wear leggings then they have to be colorful and it has to be after you can see them 🙂 these are perfect , I'm trying to buy more 🙂 .

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Pink leggings - Dystopia Babe! (by Kubarska)

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