PREMIUM Leggings - Tropical Rain (by Dancink Needles)

Fairytale motifs of rainy animals from Dancink Needles,
is a guarantee to survive the autumn chills... 🙂

Leggings with magical, adorable characters of a frog and a mouse - a wandering mouse,
is the latest project of Karolina, who once again takes us into her
enchanted world... C u d o !
Perfect paired with a black sweatshirt Dancink Needles p1 - Tropical Rain.

autumn | magic | forest creatures | wandering | rainy forest

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The finest version of the Rebel Skin leggings ever.
Sports leggings, designed by us, specifically to accentuate the female figure and provide ideal comfort for training.

  • A proprietary cut, the result of long testing and many prototypes,
  • a wide waistband that allows you to wear the leggings the way you like best - with a high waist, or, after turning up the waistband, as a hipster
  • the design of this model completely eliminates translucency - on the buttocks double-sided black dense fabric
  • comfortable flat seams
  • special crease on the seam between the buttocks - beautifully emphasizes the curves.

Rebel Skin sports leggings are a unique product.
Each of our models is a unique thing, refined in every detail, signed with the autograph of the co-creator. Artistic concept & perfect practical execution.



  • 77% polyester
  • 23% elastane

They are like your second skin.

Put the Rebel's Skin on.

Size chart

For more on proper sizing, see here


We make every effort to ensure that your Rebel Skins reach you as soon as possible. If you place an order before 11:00 AM - the package will be shipped the same day. Orders after 12:00 noon are shipped for the next business day (Parcel Post ships every day).

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Artist about the project:

'In spite of the capricious weather, howling winds, short days and endless nights, I take my trusty umbrella and go on my way....

I squat on the mossy stumps and listen to their story, about how beautiful and dignified trees once were. How they provided shelter among the foliage for bird families, how they protected delicate plants and wildlife from the hot sun.'

  1. Bozena Kowalska

    Legginsy jak zwykle mega wygodne a obrazy które noszę na sobie są niesamowicie pozytywne. Od razu mi weselnej.

  2. monica

    Legginsy są po prostu piekne😀 jestem zachwycona zakupem, nieprzeswitują, pieknie się układają na sylwetce!

  3. Anna

    Są przepiękne… co tu dużo mówić.. cudne.

  4. Iwona

    Bardzo się cieszę, że je mam. Żabol wymiata 🙂

  5. Alexandra Leboszka

    Idealne legginsy, leżą idealnie, nadają się wszędzie, nie tylko na zajęcia.
    Jestem mega pozytywnie zaskoczona kontaktem z Wami, od wpłaty paczkę otrzymałam w ciągu 2 dni !!!
    Rewelacja !!!

  6. Olga Trzęsicka

    jestem zachwycona jakością! super krój 🙂

  7. Besta Langosz

    Piękne kolory super krój – jak zawsze 😉 – w zestawie z bluzą sztos!!!

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PREMIUM Leggings - Tropical Rain (by Dancink Needles)

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