PREMIUM Leggings - Whale (by Kasia Krutak)

High-waisted leggings with modeling, contrast stitching on the buttocks (cut 'PREMIUM') with amazing, dreamlike graphics from Kasia Krutak. A mesmerizing, minimalist composition as if from a dream, where the main motif remains the Whale....

A tiny female figure, with footprints - like in the desert - completes this bizarre dream. (Or maybe it's not a dream at all...?)

The whole is kept in dark tones, with contrasting browns, beiges and whites.


whale / ocean / space / oneirism / magic

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The 'Whale' sports leggings are high-waisted leggings with beautiful, slightly dreamy graphics by tattoo artist Kasia Krutak.
We called this model of exercise leggings "PREMIUM" - because of their super refined cut. They were designed by us, specifically to best accentuate a woman's silhouette and provide ideal comfort for training.

Sports leggings - 'Whale' with graphics from Kasi Krutak are:

  • A proprietary cut, the result of long testing and many prototypes,
  • Wide allowing you to wear your exercise leggings the way you like best. With a high waist, or after turning up the waistband - as hipwear
  • the design of this model completely eliminates translucency - on the buttocks double-sided black dense fabric
  • comfortable flat seams, not perceptible on the skin
  • special crease on the seam between the buttocks - beautifully emphasizes the curves.
  • high top - guaranteeing high comfort and convenience even during your most demanding workouts!

Rebel Skin workout leggings are a unique product.
Each of our models is a unique thing, refined in every detail, signed with the autograph of the co-creator. Artistic concept & perfect practical execution. These exercise leggings were designed by Kasia Krutak, this is the artist's first project at Rebel Skin. The graphic is a dreamy, hypnotic and slightly surreal composition with a Whale as the dominant element and a tiny female figure... A dreamy landscape as if from another planet... (or maybe it's not a dream at all?).

The leggings will pair well with our classic black sports bra.

Leggings composition: 77% polyester; 23% elastane

They are like your second skin!

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We make every effort to ensure that your Rebel Skins reach you as soon as possible. If you place an order before 11:00 AM - the package will be shipped the same day. Orders after 12:00 noon are shipped for the next business day (Parcel Post ships every day).

Artist about the project:

"It's the fulfillment of another dream for my artwork to be worn on clothing. The whale motif has been with me for two years and appears in various spaces of my life. I call it a gentle guide. It reminds me of the merging of gentleness and power, and spiritual and material spaces into one and how both are important to humans and complement each other. Another inspiration for the project is Iceland, which I have been visiting for a year. And which I fell in love with from the first time I set foot there. So the landscape depicted on the gaiters was to reflect the atmosphere of the harsh landscapes there. A bit like from another planet. The space of my dreams is particularly important to me, so I framed the whale and the figure quite surrealistically, alluding to dream spaces. As well as the far north currently is a space I want to explore, so far I'm doing it in creativity. Its rawness and deep night is something that envelops me and opens the mind of the imaginative child in me. "
  1. Kamila

    Beautiful graphics - this is what tempted me to already the second purchase of leggings. I am 168 cm tall and weigh 58 kg. The first I took M, but they slipped off during exercise. The second I took S and further it is not. In my opinion, the elastic waistband is missing. In Premium there is only a double material at the waist, it does not hold the belly and rolls. Minus for the lack of a gusset, with both M and S the seam can stand out "camel toe". For more sensitive skin, like mine, the thigh seams irritate. Plus for quality. The pants look like new after six months of use.

  2. Anna

    I was persuaded to get the leggings from Rebel Skin and I don't regret it!
    They are perfect in every way!!!

  3. Natalia

    Great gift for Christmas 🙂 even though I like most patterns where the richness of details makes me dizzy with color, I also liked this peaceful theme. Santa hit the jackpot with the gift 🙂

  4. Marta

    Moje pierwsze legginsy od Rebel Skin, ale na pewno nie ostatnie. Perfekcyjnie wykonane, no i ta grafika <3

  5. Anna Sz

    Another beautifully made leggings, they lie perfectly, the cut emphasizes the buttocks beautifully, the whale graphic knocks you out, I recommend it

  6. Dorota

    The gaiters are beautiful ❤️ In my letter to Santa for wishing them under my Christmas tree 😃I'm already looking forward to Christmas. I will definitely dress them up often. They are gorgeous like the artist herself who designed them. They are like a picture of power.
    Greetings from ❤️


PREMIUM Leggings - Whale (by Kasia Krutak)

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