Beautiful, elaborate, black leggins with cream-coloured ankles. Delicate, sketch-like lines, autumn-forest floral motifs and fiery energy of ferns.

Warmth / energy / change / cycle of nature

Kasia about her project:

“Dear Autumn lovers, afficionados and enthusiasts! I present to you another edition of leggings with my design! This time, you can seriously sweat in them, because it’s the premium version – so no more excuses! However, because they’re autumn-themed, you can also put them on along with a huge sweater, make yourself some pudding and watch a clip with someone else sweating, wholeheartedly rooting for them without feeling guilty!
Me and Autumn are great pals and it’s really fortunate that it’s November and the weather is quite gloomy. The autumn colours from the pants will warm your bums!
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The most perfect version of REBEL SKIN leggins in history. Sports leggings designed specifically to enhance the female figure and ensure perfect workout comfort.
  • Our own cut – resulting from long tests and many prototypes,
  • Wide belt enabling you to wear the leggings the way you like it – high waist or hipsters after rolling the belt down
  • This model’s structure completely eliminates showing through – thick, bilaterally black material on the buttocks
  • Comfortable flat seams
  • A special fold on the seam between the buttocks – emphasises your curves beautifully.
Rebel Skin sports leggins are a one-off product. Each our model is a unique piece, polished up in every detail, signed by the artist working on its creation. Artistic concept & prefect practical execution. We are really PROUD OF OUR LEGGINGS!

They’re like your second skin

Put the Rebel’s Skin on.


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