What's for breakfast? That is, about the athlete's breakfast.

My Dears!
So many myths and opinions have grown up around breakfast that I wanted to sort out for you here, in one place, this very important topic.
Because some that it must be nutritious and caloric, necessarily with carbohydrates (after all, the whole thing will be burned during the day, no? ;- ) ), others that only protein and fat. So, in order not to go crazy in all this, I'll start with a division.
  • Carbohydrate breakfasts

(here, with or without the addition of more protein) 
For whom?
If you are an athlete or physically active person and (important here!) - you are healthy and have normal sugar and insulin balance - you do not need to be afraid of carbohydrates and/or insulin spikes. If everything is working OK, it is needed and used properly.
Of course, I mean only valuable and adequate sources of carbohydrates! So forget the wheat bun with jam or other nasty yeast ... 😉 ...
What it could be:
  • Groats - sweet or savory. A nice option is buckwheat groats, which warms up and stimulates the body. You can also make what is known as buckwheat.
Here you will find a recipe for apple millet pudding, for a millet pudding. And another cool option - here
Additions - here it all depends on your creativity and tastes. Just keep in mind the calories - adding dried fruits and nuts to the porridge in large quantities - suddenly it may turn out to be (much) more calories than you need....
It is important that such a breakfast, in addition to the carbs themselves, also provides vitamins, minerals and some fiber (mainly soluble, from fruits and vegetables).
  • Oatmeal - in the form of oatmeal, of course. Preferably on water or plant milk. With fruit / nuts / honey. You can (you don't have to; it all depends on your macronutrient distribution) add a measure of whey protein powder.
  • * Alternatively, once in a while - sandwiches made of 100% sourdough rye bread; with some valuable additives. Don't let it be a transparent slice of ham... Extras: semi-skimmed or fatty cottage cheese (if you tolerate dairy); a good quality baked pate (maybe you make it yourself?); a good quality solid portion of cold cuts; plus lots of fresh vegetables. It will also do the trick.
However, if (!!!) you are a person who is not very active, and you spend most of the day sitting at a desk at work, for example; do you really need that much sugar? So much energy? Well, no... And here, I strongly recommend protein and fat breakfasts, so let's smoothly move to them.
  • Protein and fat breakfasts

For whom?
For people who are not necessarily physically active. For people on reduction. For people with insulin resistance or impaired sugar metabolism (hypo - and hyper - glycemia), diabetes. Finally, for people who simply feel better and have more energy by cutting in fats and proteins in the morning.
On the health side, by not providing sugars in the first meal, we stimulate the body to use fats as an energy source. Great! You also don't cause glucose and insulin spikes, thus stabilizing blood sugar levels - you're more satiated, you don't feel like snacking, and you don't have (or have much smaller) energy dips during the day.
If you want to change your eating habits, and previously did not shy away from sweets, baked goods and in general - a lot of carbohydrates - I definitely recommend this solution! Definitely for the first weeks / months of making changes.
What could it be?
  • Eggs! - In the most varied form. Scrambled eggs in clarified butter / fried eggs / fried eggs on bacon / omelet with vegetables / hard-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs. You can see for yourself, the options are many. Change, combine, eat as you like! For eggs - necessarily (!) a large amount of vegetables;
  • A piece of meat (roast from the previous dinner; chicken breast; turkey; occasionally some smoked fish) or good quality sausage (kabanos, hot frankfurters) + a vegetable (avocado; tomatoes; cucumbers; peppers; pickles) and/or a handful of nuts;
  • * alternatively, from time to time, t i l l if you tolerate dairy - a cube of white real cottage cheese (the real kind usually has to be fatty), with olive oil and vegetables (delicious combinations are 2 - 3 tablespoons of olive oil, chopped pickled cucumbers and cherry tomatoes; freshly ground pepper and a little salt); or other dairy (with the same caveats) such as 'Caprese' salad (mozzarella + tomato + oil).
Protein and fat breakfasts I personally like and recommend - I simply feel good in such an option.
Sometimes, however, when you plan a training unit in the morning - a good option is to eat something carbohydrate. And here, I will show you a kind of golden mean. That is ... protein-fat-carbohydrate breakfasts 🙂 Surprised? 😉 ...

- Protein-fat-carbohydrate breakfasts

Or rather, to be accurate - protein and fat with a small addition of carbs 😉
So all the breakfast options from the previous subsection with the addition of fruit / dried fruit / a little honey / a slice of rye bread.
And honestly, this is for many healthy, exercising people - the optimal option.
The most common (with me) connections):
  • Omlet na słodko (z sosem z jogurtu greckiego i odżywki białkowej) z sezonowymi owocami <3 (taki jak w tym przepisie – klik) identyczny omlet wyjdzie Ci też bez dodatku żadnej mąki (!) – tylko jaja i odrobina ksylitolu / erytrolu. Lub bez słodzidła w ogóle.
For an 'easy' version, I sometimes spread my omelette with 100% sugar-free fruit jam (40 - 50 g) 🙂 I'll make it easy for you.
Or instead of an omelet - such pancakes.
  • Fried eggs (with a slice of rye bread / rice wafer)
  • A quick option; a nutritional shake - such as a large banana, 2 scoops of whey protein, 2 egg yolks, 1 teaspoon of bitter cocoa, water / milk
- - -
As you can see for yourself, if you opt for value / healthy products (and I assume you do), there is no clear-cut division: this is good and this is bad. If you completely reject wheat (which I highly recommend to anyone) and sweets (I include ready-made breakfast cereals / granolas with cosmic amounts of sugar, "healthy" (sic!) or "fit" (massacre) bars, sweet yogurts, desserts and other super wonders - you will be fine.
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